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2014 Legal Conference on Brain Injury Overview


A Message from the Conference Organizers:


It’s scary how much there is to know about traumatic brain injury. It’s so much more complex than whether there was a loss of consciousness; a brain bleed and neuropsychology. Hell – do you understand neuropsychology? Do you know that neuropsychological tests cannot assess injury to the deep brain – otherwise sometimes called the limbic system? Did you know that TBI can damage the senses of taste and/or smell? Did you know that TBI can cause damage to the pituitary gland and affect a woman’s fertility? Did you know that TBI can cause chronic illness? Do you know if your client might benefit from advanced neuroimaging such as Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI)? Is there a distinction between your ethical obligation to disclose the findings of advanced neuroimaging ordered by your client’s treating physician and the evaluation that you request as a lawyer?


From March 20-22, 2014 you will have an unprecedented opportunity to learn about the latest scientific advances, authoritative literature and trial strategies and techniques when the North American Brain Injury Society (“NABIS”) and the World Congress on Brain Injury sponsored by the International Brain Injury Association convene in San Francisco.


Registration for the NABIS Legal Conference will entitle registrants to attend not only two and ½ days of programs tailored for the legal community that will include in-depth coverage of medical and neuropsychological issues by both lawyers and an array of prestigious health care providers but also attend the any of the health care programs at the World Congress.


Because this is a multi-day program devoted to TBI you can’t get this exposure anywhere else. You won’t find this program in your home state and you you won’t even get this type of program at AAJ because the program draws speakers heavily from the medical conference at the World Congress and there is an opportunity to socialize at the conference with other professionals.


By way of preview, both the NABIS program and the World Congress will feature Erin Bigler, PhD, one of the world’s foremost authorities on advanced neuroimaging. It is no coincidence that Dr. Bigler has either authored or co-authored textbook chapters on advanced neuroimaging in virtually every book referenced by experts in TBI litigation including Lezak’s 5th Edition of the seminal title, "Neuropsychological Assessment".


In addition, neuropsychologist Nadia Webb, PhD, will treat us to two hours of lecture explaining neuropsychological tests. Biomechanics expert Mariusz Ziejewski, PhD, will help us understand the implications that research on sports concussions has for conventional trauma cases. And renowned jury consultant Eric Oliver will share his insight on trying TBI cases. Those are just some highlights from the legal program.


So next time you take in a case involving an mTBI and you want to know how some lawyers can turn those cases into Seven Figures; or your client had a head injury but the client’s neurologist is more adept at EMGs or treating MS than TBI; or you wonder whether you’ve adequately covered all of the damage experts (think endocrinology; advanced imaging, behavioral psychologist) – don’t regret that you missed an opportunity to immerse yourself in TBI science and law at the NABIS Legal Conference and the World Congress on Brain Injury in San Francisco from March 20-22, 2014.


We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco in March!


Stewart Casper, Esq.
Simon Forgette, Esq.
Kenneth Kolpan, Esq.
Bruce Stern, Esq.


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