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Elisabeth Wilde, PhD

Speaker at 2015 NABIS Conference on Brain Injury

ession Title: 
Imaging in Children

1. Review brain development issues that provide critical context to understanding and interpreting imaging-related recovery from traumatic brain injury sustained in childhood.

2. Discuss advanced applications of MRI which may be useful in examining short- and long-term consequences of traumatic brain injury sustained during childhood.

3. Examine the relation between brain structural changes evident in imaging and function/outcome using both group studies and case examples.


Significant questions remain regarding the impact of childhood TBI on subsequent brain development. Evolving neuroimaging tools including volumetric analysis and diffusion tensor imaging may elucidate alterations in the expected course, pattern, and timing of development following TBI. Additionally, imaging may reveal important insights into the relation between dynamic changes in brain structure and function.

Current Company Affiliation: Baylor College of Medicine
Speaker Bio:
  Dr. Wilde received her PhD in clinical psychology from Brigham Young University, completed internship at the Ann Arbor VA, and her neuropsychology post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan. She has been faculty at Baylor College of Medicine since 2002 in the department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, where she currently serves as Director of Research. She has secondary appointments in Neurology and Radiology, and is also a Health Research Scientist the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center. She has participated in over 30 federally-funded clinical projects as a primary or co-primary investigator or co-investigator, and has authored over 85 peer-reviewed publications. She has served as a reviewer for over 35 journals, and is on the editorial board of Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation. She has also served as a scientific reviewer for national and international funding agencies, including the NIH, VA, and the Department of Defense. She has been actively involved in the International Common Data Elements for TBI initiative supported by NINDS and other federal funding agencies for over 5 years, first as a member and lead author for the Outcomes Working group, then as chair of the Pediatric Outcome Working Group, and most recently as Chair of the Mild TBI and Concussion Working Group. She has also been involved in the American College of Radiology (ACR) Head Injury Institute. She has directed the Imaging Core for an NIH-funded program project, co-directed the Imaging Core for the MEDVAMC TBI Center of Excellence, and is currently the Director of the DoD-VA co-funded Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium (CENC) Imaging Core. Her research interests are in neuropsychology and neuroimaging, particularly of traumatic brain injury in pediatric, adolescent, adult, and Veteran populations at all ranges of severity.


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