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Alan Weintraub, MD

Speaker at 2015 NABIS Conference on Brain Injury


Session Title 1: Case Study - Severe TBI

1.  To understand salient predictors of outcom following severe TBI.  
2.  To understand predictable and unique recovery patterns assocated with different types and severity of severe TBI necessary to employ evidence informed treatments.
3.  To understand how evidence informed rehabilitation treatment is applied across organized system of care necessary for best practices and optimal outcomes.  
This presentation will utilize a case presentation format to instruct how the diagnosis and prognosis of severe TBI is conceptualized and necessary to inform best practices of rehabiliation across the continum of time post injury. A nationally recognized interdisciplinary panel of experts will discuss evidence informed evaluation and treatments that are relevant to achieving optimal outcomes.  Audience participation and focused Q&A will be encouraged.  

Session Title 2: Case Study - Mild TBI
1. To understand relevant biologic and psychological factors in the diagnosis and treatment of mild TBI.  
2. To understand the neurobiologic presently mechanisms presently known regarding mild TBI and their relevance to treatment and outcomes.  
3. To discuss different etiologies and types of complicated mild TBI and how this relates to a focused approach to neurodiagnosis and treament.  
A case presentation format will be utilized to discuss mild TBI related to differing etiologies and mechanisms of injury. This will include but not be limited to sports, falls, MVA, and repetitive blast exposure.  An interdisciplinary panel of experts will discuss the important issues of neurodiagnosis, treatment, and followup necessary to achieve optimal outcomes.  

Current Company Affiliation:
  Craig Hospital
Speaker Bio: Alan Weintraub, MD has been Medical Director of the Brain Injury Program at Craig Hospital since 1986. Dr. Weintraub also serves as the Medical Director for the Rocky Mountain Regional Brain Injury System, a federally designated Model System of Care with extensive clinical, research and dissemination activities. Over his tenure in the field of Traumatic Brain Injury Care and Rehabilitation, Dr. Weintraub has served as Medical Director of post acute residential brain injury programs and several long term subacute brain injury programs. He also is an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and an active consultant to the Colorado Division of Worker’s Compensation Medical Treatment Guidelines TBI Task Force. In 2011, Dr. Weintraub received the prestigious North American Brain Injury Society ( NABIS ) award for Innovative Clinical Treatment. Dr. Weintraub has special interests in pharmacological management of adults with brain injury, spasticity, sports-related concussion and the long term consequences of brain injury. He is actively involved in local, regional and national organizations and is devoted to the aging and long term needs of brain injured survivors and their families. For over 25 years, Dr. Weintraub has lectured extensively to broad audiences, and written on a number of specific clinical and research topics related to both traumatic and acquired brain injury.


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