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Harvey E. Jacobs, PhD, CLCP

Speaker at 2015 NABIS Conference on Brain Injury

Session Title 1: Case Study - Severe TBI


1.  To understand salient predictors of outcom following severe TBI.  
2.  To understand predictable and unique recovery patterns assocated with different types and severity of severe TBI necessary to employ evidence informed treatments.
3.  To understand how evidence informed rehabilitation treatment is applied across organized system of care necessary for best practices and optimal outcomes.  
This presentation will utilize a case presentation format to instruct how the diagnosis and prognosis of severe TBI is conceptualized and necessary to inform best practices of rehabiliation across the continum of time post injury. A nationally recognized interdisciplinary panel of experts will discuss evidence informed evaluation and treatments that are relevant to achieving optimal outcomes.  Audience participation and focused Q&A will be encouraged.  

Current Company Affiliation:  Harvey E. Jacobs, PhD LLC
Speaker Bio:  Dr. Jacobs earned his PhD in Psychology from Florida State University, a post-doctoral fellowship in Behavioral Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and was a Mary Switzer Research Fellow of the National Institute of Handicapped Research (presently NIDRR).  He is also a Certified Life Care Planner.

Now in private practice, he has served on multiple medical school faculties, worked on-staff, in administrative roles and as a consultant to numerous programs and facilities.  His current interests include life care planning, rehabilitation for neurological, psychiatric, medical and intellectual impairments; complex cases; behavior analysis; outcomes research; staff training; and program development.  He works with diverse ages, ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics across a wide range of facility and community venues. 

Dr. Jacobs is published and lectured widely.  He is the recipient of numerous public and private grants.  He serves on the Board of Editors of the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, and was previously on the editorial board of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis and a guest reviewer for other professional journals.  He has served as editor for special issues for the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, Brain Injury Professional and Neurorehabilitation.


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