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Janet Williams, PhD

Speaker at 2015 NABIS Conference on Brain Injury

Session Title: Community Matters
1. Delineate the difference between the medical model and the independent living philosophy.
2. Understand the philosophical principles involved in the provision of community based services.
3. Learn to assess and measure outcomes for people with brain injuries in the community.
Summary: When a brain injury occurs many people are immersed in the medical model of treatment. Getting out of that model and shifting paradigms so the person is back in charge of their life can be a long journey. While it often depends on funding it also depends on the way service provision is designed and implemented. This presentation includes stories and experiences of providing community based services for more than 20 years. A model that can be replicated in other communities will be described. The audience will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the need to have services that are functional and supper the goals of the person.

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Speaker Bio:  Dr. Janet Williams started her career as a social worker at a nursing home in 1982. Within days she realized everyone there could be living in their own home. She has spent the rest of her career helping people make that happen, no matter the severity of disability. She moved to Kansas from Boston in 1989 to pursue a PhD in Family Studies and Disability at the University of Kansas. Along the way she discovered Medicaid waivers and started an agency to implement her belief that people need to live away from institutions and be in charge of their own services. She has traveled to every state in the United States, Canada, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany learning about different models of service delivery. She has many publications and speaks about her experience in many venues. Janet lives in Kansas with her 2 daughters, Aggie and Lillian, and her 2 dogs, Max and Rico.


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