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John Leddy, MD

Speaker at 2015 NABIS Conference on Brain Injury

ession Title 1:
New Perspectives on Diagnosis and Treatment of mTBI
1. Participants will understand the physiological changes associated with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI).
2. Participants will know how to assess someone with mTBI in terms of physiological recovery.
3. Participants will understand how to effectively treat the physiological consequences of mTBI.
Summary: We will describe the metabolic and physiological characteristics of mTBI and provide a definition of mTBI based on a physiological model.  We will also describe how we assess those with mTBI with an exercise stress test.  We will suggest that exercise intolerance is a biomarker of recovery from mTBI.  Our research suggests that physiological characteristics of mTBI include poor regulation of cerebral blood flow during stress.  We will describe our research and the research of others that support the physiological model of mTBI.

Session Title 2: Case Study - Mild TBI
1. To understand relevant biologic and psychological factors in the diagnosis and treatment of mild TBI.  
2. To understand the neurobiologic presently mechanisms presently known regarding mild TBI and their relevance to treatment and outcomes.  
3. To discuss different etiologies and types of complicated mild TBI and how this relates to a focused approach to neurodiagnosis and treament.  
A case presentation format will be utilized to discuss mild TBI related to differing etiologies and mechanisms of injury. This will include but not be limited to sports, falls, MVA, and repetitive blast exposure.  An interdisciplinary panel of experts will discuss the important issues of neurodiagnosis, treatment, and followup necessary to achieve optimal outcomes.

Current Company Affiliation:
  University Sports Medicine
Speaker Bio: 
Dr. John J. Leddy is Professor of Clinical Orthopedics, Internal Medicine, and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and of the American College of Physicians, and Director of Outcomes Research for the Department of Orthopaedics. He is a Division 1 team physician and Program Director for the Sports Medicine Fellowship at the University at Buffalo. He is the Medical Director of the University at Buffalo Concussion Clinic, which is the first center in the United States to use a standardized treadmill test to establish recovery from concussion and to use exercise in the rehabilitation of patients with prolonged concussion symptoms. He is published in the fields of orthopedics, sports medicine, physiology, nutrition, concussion and post-concussion syndrome. His primary research interest is the investigation of the basic mechanisms of the disturbance of whole body physiology in concussion and how to help to restore the physiology to normal to help patients recover to safely return to activity and sport.


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