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Kenneth Ciuffreda, OD, PhD

Speaker at 2015 NABIS Conference on Brain Injury

Session Title: Conceptual Model of Optometric Vision Care in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
1.  To have a global understanding and conceptualization of mild traumatic brain injury with respect to general/visual signs, symptoms, diagnosis, and therapy.  We have developed a four-tiered model of optometric vision care in mild traumatic brain injury.
2.  To understand what the specific visual symptoms/signs are in mild traumatic brain injury, and specific optometric clinical tests, for proper diagnosis (e.g., convergence insufficiency).
3.  To understand what specific therapies (i.e., lenses, prisms, filters, occluders, and vision therapy) would be helpful for remediation of the aforementioned visualsymptoms/problems in mild traumatic brain injury.
Summary:  A practical, conceptual model of optometric vision care in mild traumatic brain injury will be presented.  It provides a simple and targeted  approach for vision testing and related visual interventions in these patients.


Current Company Affiliation:  SUNY/State College of Optometry
Speaker Bio: 
Kenneth J. Ciuffreda, OD, PhD. is a Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Department of Biological and Vision Sciences at the SUNY/State College of Optometry in New York City. He is director of the Brain Injury Research Laboratory, where oculomotor diagnosis and therapy are investigated using both clinical and objective approaches, as well as the assessment of sensory and perceptual abnormalities in this population. He has written over 50 papers and numerous chapters in this area, as well as co-edited a textbook.


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