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Ricardo Jorge, PhD

Speaker at 2015 NABIS Conference on Brain Injury


Session Title:  Pharmacological Treatment of Post-TBI Mood Disorders
1.  Describe epidemiological aspects of mood disorders occurring following traumatic brain injury (TBI) including its prevalence and risk factors.
2. Examine the clinical presentation and differential diagnosis of post-TBI mood disorders.
3. Discuss the pharmacological treatment of these disorders.
Summary:  In this presentation, we will briefly examine the epidemiology and risk factors for the development of affective disorders following brain injury.  We will describe their phenomenological characteristics and co-morbidity patterns. We will present general guidelines for the pharmacological treatment of these disorders and we will analyze the rationale and empirical support for current and future pharmacological options.


Current Company Affiliation:  Baylor College of Medicine
Speaker Bio:  Dr. Jorge has an extensive career focused on the neuropsychiatric aspects of brain injury, particularly in the areas of stroke and traumatic brain injury (TBI), for which he achieved international recognition. He has a been a pioneer in the study of mood disorders occurring following TBI and his work has been published in the more prestigious medical journals and specialty textbooks. Dr. Jorge is currently Professor of Psychiatry at the Baylor College of Medicine and Medical Director of TBI related research at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center in Houston, Texas.


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