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26th Annual Conference on Legal Issues in Brain Injury

InterContinental Hotel New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana
September 18 - 21,  2013



The North American Brain Injury Society is pleased to announce that the 26th Annual Conference on Legal Issues in Brain Injury will be held September 18 - 21, 2013, in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the InterContinental Hotel.  With the Legal Meeting registration, you will be able to attend the bonus Workshop on Advanced Neuro Imaging on September 18 in addition to the three day 26th Annual Conference on Legal Issues in Brain Injury. 
Attendees can expect the very latest information on brain injury litigation at this three-day hands-on conference considered a "must attend" event for all professionals involved in brain injury litigation. The conference features an all-star cast of top trial attorneys and medical experts who will present a broad array of practical information covering the latest literature, diagnostic testing methods, rehabilitation, case management, trial techniques and cutting-edge demonstrative evidence. Attorneys will also benefit from an overview of the medical science of brain injury from an outstanding faculty of researchers and clinicians presenting the very latest in brain injury science, treatment and testing. As noted below, the conference will be held in conjunction with the 11th Annual Meeting of the North American Brain Injury Society that will further enhance the educational opportunities available to attendees.
The meetin summary will be posted shortly.  This meeting has already occurred. 


This year there will be be a bonus Workshop, which will take place on September 18, 2013 and will focus on topic of Advanced Neuro Imaging.  This Workshop is co-organized by Jonathan Silver, MD, John Leddy, MD, and Barry Willer, PhD. It is included in the cost of general admission for the Legal Attendees.

This half-day workshop will provide participants with an introduction to the alphabet soup of advanced imaging: MRI, Voxels, DWI, DTI, MRS, SWI, fMRI, BOLD and PET.  These approaches to imaging have been used primarily in research on the neural substrates of various cognitive functions. 

Participants will be provided with some general information on the use of each approach and the types of research questions addressed. The theoretical underpinnings of each approach will be highlighted.  Participants will also get an introduction to some of the most useful recent findings on brain function and brain injury that are based on advanced imaging technology.  Whether in the clinic or the courtroom, we all stand to benefit from the research findings advanced imaging will provide.  However, we are still in the early stages of using advanced imaging successfully with individual patients.  The workshop will include detailed discussion with clinical experts of the applicability of advanced imaging for clinical and forensic decision making. 
This meeting has occured; a summary will be posted shortly.   


To view a copy of the preliminary program, click here.



As an added bonus, attorneys have the option to attend any of the four additional concurrent medical sessions of the 11th Annual Meeting of the North American Brain Injury Society where nationally recognized medical experts in brain injury will present the latest advances in the science, rehabilitation and treatment in the field.  To view information on the medical sessions, click here



Attorneys, neuropsychologists, allied health professionals, expert witnesses and all those involved in brain injury litigation. Attendees will come away from the conference with the essential hands-on tools needed to successfully handle these challenging cases from beginning to end.


Invited speakers for the 26th Annual Meeting on Legal Issues in Brain Injury are: 
Thomas Anderson, Esq.
Jeff Bazarian, MD
Randall Benson, MD
Michael Carter
Stewart Casper, Esq.
William Dussault
Simon Forgette, Esq.
Anthony Gamboa, PhD
Carlton Gass, PhD
Rachel Herz, PhD
Woody Igou, JD
Harvey E. Jacobs, PhD, CLCP
Michael Kaplen, Esq.
Ken Kolpan, Esq.
Brent Masel, MD
A.J. Krousse III, Esq.
John Layman, Esq.
Gregory O'Shanick, MD
Ronald Savage, EdD
Randall Scarlett, Esq.
William Singer, MD
Bruce Stern, Esq.
Terry Tainter
Frank Toral, Esq.
Dianne Weaver, Esq.
Nadia Webb, PhD
Mariusz Ziejewski, PhD


The Conference will take place at the beautiful InterContinental Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana. The InterContinental is located on St. Charles Street in the heart of New Orleans.  The hotel is situated just two blocks from the historic French Quarter, four blocks from Harrah's New Orleans, and six blocks from the river. It is a great location to be able to explore the city, grab a quick bite to eat, and find an old haunt playing one of New Orleans' many styles of music. 
The meeting has passed.  The room block is no longer available. 


NABIS has applied for CLE credits with all states requiring MCLE and expects to have approval. For states requiring MCLE that allow a 60 minute hour we are expecting to receive 20.25 hours of General/Regular credit including 1.5 hours of Ethics. For states that allow a 50 minute hour we expect to receive 24.30 hours of General/Regular credit including 1.8 hours of Ethics.

NABIS will process your MCLE credits for you with each state you need to report. It's easy; pick up your CLE paperwork at the registration desk at check-in and leave it with us on the last day of the conference and the rest is up to us!

If you have any questions about CLE please feel free to fill out the contact form or email Carol Blanton directly at



This conference offers a variety of unprecedented exhibit and support options for companies wishing to market their services to our conference attendees.  Don't miss this opportunity to meet face-to-face with the decision makers who are shaping the field of brain injury. If you are interested in exhibit space or support opportunities, you have the option of either filling out a contact form or emailing Megan Bell at .

Exhibiting is no longer available for this meeting.


Registration is now closed. 



Stewart Casper, Esq.
Simon Forgette, Esq. Co-Chair
Kenneth Kolpan, Esq.
Bruce Stern, Esq. Co-Chair
Call 703 960-6500 (Alexandria, VA) or 713-526-6900 (Houston, TX).