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30th Annual Conference on Legal Issues in Brain Injury

This meeting has passed.  NABIS would like to thank those that attended this meeting.  Please refer back to this page for information on the upcomng 2018 Meetings.   



This meeting was held concurrently with the 12th World Congress on Brain Injury

 Sheraton New Orleans Hotel
March 29-April 1, 2017



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The North American Brain Injury Society is pleased to announce that the 30th Annual Conference on Legal Issues in Brain Injury will be held March 29-April1, 2017 in New Orleans, at the Sheraton Hotel.

Attendees can expect the very latest information on brain injury litigation at this three-day hands-on conference considered a "must attend" event for all professionals involved in brain injury litigation. The conference features an all-star cast of top trial attorneys and medical experts who will present a broad array of practical information covering the latest literature, diagnostic testing methods, rehabilitation, case management, trial techniques and cutting-edge demonstrative evidence. Attorneys will also benefit from an overview of the medical science of brain injury from an outstanding faculty of researchers and clinicians presenting the very latest in brain injury science, treatment and testing.

As noted below, the conference will be held in concurrently with the 12th World Congress on Brain Injury that will further enhance the educational opportunities available to attendees.


Whether you are a seasoned neuro-litigator or handling your first TBI case, this comprehensive program will provide you with the tools you need to successfully handle these challenging cases from beginning to end.  

Presentation Topics Include:

  • Clinical Applications of Multi-Modality Neuroimaging in the Assessment of Traumatic Brain Injury Outcome
  • Deposing and Cross-Examining Defense Medical and Neuropsychological Experts in Traumatic Brain Injury Cases
  • Direct Examination of Experts
  • Disorders of Consciousness and the Slow to Recover BI Patient
  • Endocrine Dysfunction & TBI
  • How to Prove a Brain Injury
  • Maximizing Damages Through Proof and Summations in the TBI Case
  • Pediatric Brain Injury Cases and Why Attorneys Should Know How They Differ from Adult Brain Injury
  • Representing the Elderly
  • Storytelling:  The Corpus Callosum Effect
  • The Myths of Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Trauma Triggered Migraines
  • Understanding the Common Neuropsychological Tests
  • Unpacking the Malingering Defense
  • Use of Demonstrative Evidence
  • What Can We Learn From the Sports Concussion Literature? 
  • What is the Relationship Between Force of Crash and Severity of Injury? 

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New this year, the conference will feature a special 3.5-hour session by Dr. Erin Bigler, a pioneer in the use of cutting-edge neuroimaging to demonstrate tangible proof of TBI. Attendees will benefit from Dr. Bigler's comprehensive knowledge of the latest neuroimaging technology for detecting brain injury.This special session will aid the legal professional in completing a thorough damage assessment, will provide a "checklist" to understand your client's injury, and will aid in identifying potential future risk areas for persons with brain injury. 

To view Dr. Bigler's bio, click here.  


Unique to this year, there will be two legal-specific pre-conference sessions prior to the start of the Annual Legal Conference on Wednesday, March 29, 2017.

Trial Strategies for TBI Cases

 Explore a wide variety of trial strategies for traumatic brain Injury cases with presentations by experts and attorneys including:

  • Trial advocacy, including ideas for opening statements and direct examination.
  • Proof of TBI to juries.
  • Effective presentation of medical evidence regarding TBI.
  • Working with experts regarding trial presentation and demonstrative exhibits.
  • Proof of damages in TBI cases, including life care plans and looking beyond the obvious in life care plans; and communication between other experts and the Life Care Plan expert.

Session Chair: Kent Emison, Esq.
Faculty: Aaron DeShaw, Esq., DCNadia Webb, PhD, Roger Huckfeldt, MDMariusz Ziejewski, PhD, Mark Emison, Esq., Annette Griggs, Esq. 

Current Diagnostic Techniques and Admissibility

Understanding the science behind the latest diagnostic tests can be critical in a brain injury case. In this 3.5 hour course, attorneys will learn how these new tools can provide an objective, reliable and practical means for evaluating brain injury in the clinical and medicolegal setting. In-depth sessions will cover:

  • The role of Diffusion Tensor (DTI) Imaging in the brain injury case and how to effectively defeat the defendant’s motion to exclude this technology.
  • The NeuroQuant MRI is an important new diagnostic technique which measures regional brain structures in comparison to same aged peers. This special session addresses the issues raised by defense counsel to NeuroQuant admissibility.

Session Chairs: Kenneth Kolpan, Esq. and Bruce Stern, Esq.
Faculty: David Ross, MD, Andrew Abraham, Esq.Randall Benson, MD

To view the pre-conference sessions, click here.   


Attorneys, neuropsychologists, allied health professionals, expert witnesses and all those involved in brain injury litigation. Attendees will come away from the conference with the essential hands-on tools needed to successfully handle these challenging cases from beginning to end.


Attendees will benefit from nationally recognized legal and medical authorities on the subject of brain injury litigation. From the latest groundbreaking diagnostic and imaging technology, to effective courtroom techniques and life-care planning, this is the only conference that covers every aspect of handling the brain injury case from beginning to end. 

The current list of speakers will be provided below. Additional names will be added leading up to the Conference. 

Andrew Abraham

Randall Benson

Erin Bigler

Eric Block

Stewart Casper

Aaron DeShaw

Deborah Doherty

Kent Emison

Mark Emison

Simon Forgette

Annette Griggs

Stephen Gerdes

Roger Huckfeldt

Woody Igou

Harvey E. Jacobs

James Kelly

Kenneth Kolpan

Brent Masel

Steven Perkel 

David Ross

Randall Scarlett

Dorothy Sims

William Singer

Bruce Stern

Nadia Webb

Mariusz Ziejewski


As an added bonus, attorneys have the option to attend any of the four additional concurrent medical sessions of the 12th World Congress on Brain Injury where internationally recognized medical experts in brain injury will present the latest advances in the science, rehabilitation and treatment in the field. This means you get access to two conferences for the price of one! To view information on the World Congress, click here



Please find the Abstract book from the 12th World Congress on Brain Injury by clicking here



NABIS has applied for and expects approval of 17.25 hours with 1.0 hours ethics for a 60 minute state (20.70 hours with 1.20 hours ethics for a 50 minute state) of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit from states with mandatory requirements, including one hour of ethics.  Please indicate which states you will be requesting CLE when you register for the Conference.  

Actual hours based on recording systems for individual states will be available at the Conference at the registration desk. NABIS will process your MCLE credits for each state as reported in your CLE paperwork that was left at the registration desk by the last day of the conference.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Carol Blanton at



This conference offers a variety of unprecedented exhibit and support options for companies wishing to market their services to our conference attendees.  Don't miss this opportunity to meet face-to-face with the decision makers who are shaping the field of brain injury. If you are interested in exhibit space or support opportunities, please email Megan Bell-Johnston at


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Terms and Conditions:

  • All requests for cancellation will incur a $100.00 administrative processing fee. 
  • For a full refund (less above-mentioned admin fee), all requests for cancellation must be received in writing to the attention of Colleen LoGrande via email at, by mail at P.O. Box 1804, Alexandria, VA 22313, or by fax at (703) 960-6603 no later than Friday, February 3, 2017. 
  • Requests received on or after February 4, 2017, but prior to February 28, 2017 will be considered for a partial refund on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Absolutely no refunds will be granted on or after Tuesday, February 28, 2017.
  • All wire transfer fees will be deducted from refunds granted.


The Conference will take place at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel in the vibrant city of New Orleans! The Sheraton New Orleans is right in the middle of the action, only steps away from the famous French Quarter. The hotel is also perfectly situated on the main streetcar line that will whisk you back in time to the well-preserved antebellum mansions and pristine gardens of the Garden District.

Attendees are encouraged to reserve their rooms as soon as possible as space is going quickly.  To make your hotel reservation, please click here.

The NABIS Legal Meeting and IBIA negotiated room rates are:

  • Standard room – single/double occupancy: $249/night + taxes and fees
  • Standard room – triple occupancy: $274/night + taxes and fees
  • Standard room – quad occupancy: 299/night + taxes and fees
  • Standard room Club Level – single/double occupancy: $299/night + taxes and fees
  • Standard room Club Level – triple occupancy: $324/night + taxes and fees
  • Standard room Club Level – quad occupancy: $349/night + taxes and fees

Please note that the special rate will be available until March 7, 2017. Subject to availability.



The Conference Planning Committee for this year's Legal Conference are: 

  • Stewart Casper, Esq.
  • Simon Forgette, Esq. Co-Chair
  • Kenneth Kolpan, Esq. 
  • Bruce Stern, Esq. Co-Chair