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Brain Injury Textbook


The new edition of the Brain Injury Textbook has been updated and expanded, with 40 chapters and more than 100 clinically-relevant figures and illustrations. Edited by Jonathan M. Silver, MD, Thomas W. McAllister, MD and Stuart C. Yudofsky, MD, the textbook is organized into seven sections that address epidemiology/pathophysiology, neuropsychiatric disorders and symptomatologies, special populations and social issues, and treatment and prevention, covering topics such as aggressive disorders, cognitive changes, fatigue and sleep problems, chronic pain, mood disorders, family systems, pharmacological therapy, and - of critical importance - prevention. NABIS members may purchase this title at a discount of over 10% off the regular price of $99.00. NABIS member price: $89.00. Call (713) 526-6900 to order.