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Charles W. Haynes Fellowship for Young Professionals



Thanks to a generous grant from the Seaton Foundation, in 2009 NABIS established the Charles W. Haynes Fellowship for Young Professionals. This fellowship recognizes promising new professionals that best promote the NABIS mission of advancing brain injury science and treatment through clinical, research and/or policy initiatives. 

The Fellowship recipient receives a cash award, free registration to the annual NABIS conference, is formally recognized to the full body of the conference and presents his or her research during a plenary session.  The Fellowship was not awarded in 2014 when the International Brain Injury Association's World Congress was held in the United States.  Information on applying for the 2016 award(s) will be posted on the NABIS website in the summer of 2015.


Past Charles W. Haynes Fellowship Recipients


Socioeconomic Status: A Confounder for Computerized Neuropsychological Test Scores in Adolescent Athletes?
Tamerah Hunt, PhD
Ohio State University


Examination of Linear Region in Brain Tissue and Application of Three-term Prony Series Linear Viscoelastic Model
Asghar Rezaei, PhD

North Dakota State University

Improving the Detection and Outcome Prediction of Traumatic Brain Injury:  An Advanced Imaging Approach
Zhifeng Kou, PhD

Wayne State University

Psychosocial Correlates of Child Functional Outcomes Following Pediatric TBI
Jackie Micklewright, PhD 
Mayo Clinic Model TBI Center

2009 (Joint award)
Conversational Discourse Following Closed Head Injury:  A Preliminary Investigation into Attention Training and Conversation Analysis Procedures

Kathleen M. Youse, Ph.D. CCC-SLP, BC-ANCDS
University of Kentucky

2009 (Joint award)
Narrative Interviews with Family Members of a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor: A Qualitative Inquiry

Nicole Andreatta, PsyD
Alliant International University


Support for the Charles W. Haynes Fellowship for Young Professionals is generously provided by the Seaton Foundation