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Pediatric Brain Injury Organization Created


The International Pediatric Brain Injury Society (IPBIS) has officially become a special interest section of the International Brain Injury Association. IPBIS focuses on supporting research and other educational activities to increase knowledge and understanding of pediatric brain injury.


IPBIS Vision

IPBIS collaborates to disseminate knowledge by developing and sharing best practices, mentoring colleagues, advancing research and promoting prevention for the benefit of children, adolescents and young adults with ABI and their families.


Current IPBIS Board Members

Carol Hawley (UK) – Chair
Ron Savage (USA) – Immediate Past Chair 
Ingela Kristiansen (Sweden) – Vice Chair 
Roberta DePompei (USA)
Lucia Braga (Brazil) 
Vicki Anderson (Australia) 
Enrico Castelli (Italy) 
Catherine Aaro Jonsson (Sweden) 
Beth Wicks (UK) 
Audrey McKinlay (Australia) 
Eric Hermans (Netherlands) 
Alison Madden (South Africa) 
Mark Linden (UK – N Ireland) 
Peter Rumney (Canada) 
Peter de Koning (Netherlands)


Benefits of Joining IPBIS

  • Full membership in the International Brain Injury Association.
  • An annual subscription (14 issues per year) to the journal Brain Injury, a monthly peer-reviewed, professional scientific journal that encompasses timely topics in brain injury medicine, rehabilitation and community based issues.
  • Members-only discounts to the IBIA World Congress and other IBIA sponsored conferences and events.
  • Members-only discounts to IPBIS Conferences and Symposia.
  • Access to the IPBIS online community. 
  • Members-only discounts on affiliate brain injury materials.
  • Subscription to IBIA's quarterly International NeuroTrauma Letter, a unique web-based publication dealing with brain injury issues across the continuum of care.


IPBIS membership includes a full membership in IBIA ($250 USD) and an IPBIS membership ($50 USD).  Please note that memberships run on a calendar year basis (i.e., January through December). 


For more information on IPBIS, please click here.