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Recap of IBIA's Tenth World Congress on Brain Injury


The International Brain Injury Association’s Tenth World Congress on Brain Injury was held March 19-22, 2014, in San Francisco, California, at the Hyatt Embarcadero.  IBIA enjoyed record attendance with over 1,400 delegates present at the meeting.

NABIS officially endorsed this meeting and was invited to organize a special session entitled "Translating Brain Injury Science Into Practice - A Multidisciplinary Approach" which was chaired by Mariusz Ziejewski, PhD. 

NABIS congratulates the meeting President, David Arciniegas, MD, and his National Scientific Planning Committee, as well as the International  Scientific Planning Committee chaired by Nathan Zasler, MD, for organizing what was the largest and most educationally signiicant brain injury conference in recent history. There was an excellent variety of topics, various learning formats and attendees and speakers from well over 40 countries. The Congress had multiple tracks including basic science, pediatric and adult brain injury and attracted both senior clinicians and researchers as well as more junior professionals including ones still in training. Lectures, workshops, oral papers, poster sessions, and exhibits all allowed for myriad ways to learn about new developments in the field.

The Pre-Congress Workshops covered a number of diverse topics, including: a discussion on concussions in sports by Michael McCrea; Clinical Management of Disorders of Consciousness:  Toward an International Consensus by Joe Giacino and John Whyte; Neuromodulation by Ross Zafonte;  Neuropsychiatry of TBI by Jonathan Silver and David Arciniegas; Pediatric/Adolescent Rehabilitation Using Neurotechnology by Carol Hawley; Evidence-based Virtual Rehabilitation after Acquired Brain Injury by Enrique Noe Sebastian and Roberto Rodriguez; and Post-Traumatic Headache by Nathan Zasler. 

Workshops and symposium topics covered at this seminal meeting included: Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: State of the Science ; Impulsive and Aggressive Behaviors after Traumatic Brain Injury:  Advances in Evaluation and Treatment; Measuring Consciousness in Severe Brain Injury Using Neuroimaging - Moving from Bench to Bedside; Outcome after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Genes, Biomechanics, and Injury Context; Initial Findings and Future Directions of TBI Practice Based Evidence Study; Brain Injury Rehabilitation after the Hospital; Critical Military Programs and Research; A Neuro-systemic Approach to Long-term Management of Persons with ABI and Their Relatives; Supporting Children/Adolescents with ABI in Home, School and Community; A Multidisciplinary Approach to Translating Brain Injury Science Into Practice; Traumatic Brain Injury Model System Research Findings; and Advances in Multimodal Assessment of Post-Coma Sleep Disorders.

Some of the world class speakers at this seminal meeting included John Whyte (A Phased Developmental Approach to Neurorehabilitation Research: The Science of Knowledge Building), Donald Stein (The Science of Knowledge: Problems and Prospects of Translational), Adrian Owen (New Approaches to Assessing Cognition after Serious Brain Injury), Vicki Anderson (Can Advances in E-health Improve Assessment, Intervention, and Outcomes for Children with TBI and their Families?), and Jennie Ponsford (It’s Not Only the Injury that Matters, but also the Kind of Head).

Awards were given to the following individuals:  

Olivia Gosseries   
Young Investigator Award for Excellence in Brain Injury Research by an Individual in Training

Kristen Dams-O’Connor
Early Career Award for Important Contributions to the Field of Brain Injury Science

Donald G. Stein
Jennett Plum Award for Distinguished Scientific  Contributions to the Field of Brain Injury

Marilyn Price Spivack
Lifetime Achievement Award

Henry S. Stonnington Award for Best Article in IBIA’s official journal, Brain Injury

1st place 
Mikhail Saltychev, Merja Eskola, Olli Tenovuo, Katri Laimi 
Return to work after traumatic brain injury:  Systematic review 
Brain Injury Dec 2013, Vol. 27,  No. 13-14: 1516–1527. 

2nd place 
Aurore Thibaut, Camille Chatelle, Erik Ziegler, Marie-Aurélie Bruno, Steven Laureys,  Olivia Gosseries Spasticity after stroke: Physiology, assessment and treatment 
Brain Injury Sep 2013, Vol. 27,  No. 10: 1093–1105

IBIA plans to hold the next World Congress on Brain Injury in 2016 at the Hague in the Netherlands.