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Charles W. Haynes Fellowship

Thanks to a generous grant from the Seaton Foundation, NABIS has established the Charles W. Haynes Fellowship. This fellowship recognizes promising new professionals that best promote the NABIS mission of advancing brain injury services and treatment through clinical, research and/or policy initiatives.  The Fellowship recipient will receive a cash award of $1,250.00, free registration at this year’s conference, will be formally recognized to the full body of the conference, and will present their work at specially recognized sessions during the general conference.

To be considered, applicants must have entered the field of brain injury research / rehabilitation / treatment within the past 10 years as demonstrated through academic degree matriculation, a verifiable change in professional focus (e.g., such as moving from primarily serving with other specific impairments, into brain injury), or other demonstration of recency in the field.

Interested professionals should submit the application to NABIS by email to, or by fax 713 526-7787.

The application can be downloaded here.

If you do not have MS Word, please send in an application letter that contains the following information:

Your name, occupation / profession, current title / position, affiliation, address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address.

A current copy of your full curriculum vitae.

The names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of at least two professionals in the field of brain injury to serve as references for your training, work and submitted topic area.  One of these people must be from outside of your current location of work (or company) in order to serve as an external source of validation.

The specific project or work for which you are submitting for the fellowship.  Please use the following format:

1. Title

2. Describe the purpose, goal or focus of the work (250 words or less)

3. Describe the method (if a research project) or tasks/work involved (if not a research project) (250 words or less)

4. Describe the results of this work -  please be specific (250 words or less)

5. Describe any specific products or formal changes in policy that may have developed from this work (250 words or less)

6. Explain the future implications arising from this work to date in terms of how it can improve services, treatment and/or policy within the brain injury field (250 words or less)

7. Appropriate references (if appropriate – no more than 10 references)

8. The names of other key people (as appropriate) who have been involved in this work

9. The names of any organizations, grants, or sources of support (financial or in-kind) that have supported this work.  Please note that you do not need such support to apply for this fellowship.  This information is solely requested to understand the nature and specifics of such support.

10. A signed statement that the applicant will attend this year’s conference and present their findings if awarded this fellowship.

Important information

· All applications must be received by NABIS by August 4, 2011.

· NABIS will review all applications through a panel selected for this purpose.

Application deadline: August 4, 2011.

Click here to download the application!

Previous Charles W. Haynes Fellowship recipients include:

Psychosocial Correlates of Child Functional Outcomes Following Pediatric TBI
Jackie Micklewright, PhD
Mayo Clinic Model TBI Center

Conversational Discourse Following Closed Head Injury:  A Preliminary Investigation into Attention Training and Conversation Analysis Procedures
Kathleen M. Youse, Ph.D. CCC-SLP, BC-ANCDS (A)
University of Kentucky

Narrative Interviews with Family Members of a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor: A Qualitative Inquiry
Nicole Andreatta, PsyD
Alliant International University