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David Ross, MD

Affiliation: Virginia Institute of Neuropsychiatry

Presentation Title: NEUROQUANT

Presentation Time: Thursday, April 30, 10:15AM – 10:45AM

Presenter Biographer:  Dr. David Ross is the Director of the Virginia Institute of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University.  He completed a residency in psychiatry and a fellowship in neuropsychiatry.  He is board-certified in 3 areas:  (1) General Psychiatry; (2) Neuropsychiatry; and (3) Brain Injury Medicine. In his early career, he was a full-time faculty member in university settings. In 2001, he founded the Virginia Institute of Neuropsychiatry (VIN), where he directs an outpatient clinic specializing in traumatic brain injury. Since 2010, he and his colleagues have conducted extensive clinical research using NeuroQuant®, FDA-cleared software for measuring MRI brain volume.  They pioneered the application of NeuroQuant® in patients with mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury. He is a nationally recognized clinician, educator, researcher and forensic expert.


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