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Dianne Simmons Grab

Dianne Simmons Grab holds a Master of Arts in Psychology from the Montclair State College. Dianne is a Certified Case Manager, Certified Disability Management Specialist and a Certified Life Care Planner through MediPro Seminars, LLC and the University of Florida.

Dianne has been providing rehabilitation services for over 33 years with a focus on individuals with brain injuries for the past 23 years. Dianne’s brain injury experience is invaluable since people with brain injuries come with many other diagnosis; some of the more frequent diagnosis are orthopedic, paralysis, burns, behavior and amputations. With this experience Dianne founded Simmons Grab & Associates in 2005.

Simmons Grab & Associates LLC is a group of forensic consultants with courtroom experience specializing in Future Medical Costs / Services through life expectancy in light of injuries / impairments (Life Care Planning)and Vocational Evaluations to determine a persons capacity for employment, and if deemed employable, identify jobs they can perform, how many jobs exist in the area, and the salary ranges.