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Frank Toral, Esq

Frank Toral, Esq, is the founder and senior partner of Toral Garcia Battista, a brain and spinal cord injury law firm with offices throughout Florida. Mr. Toral has successfully represented hundreds of Florida families whom have experienced a brain and spinal cord injury. As a passionate advocate for Florida families Mr. Toral has advocated to the Governor’s Commission on Disabilities and has actively lobbied ranking members of the Florida legislature in the state capital on behalf of brain injury survivors and their families. Mr. Toral has served as past president and executive committee member of the Brain Injury Association of Florida. He currently serves as an advisor emeritus to the Brain Injury Association of Florida. He has served as a director for the Brain Injury Association of America. He currently serves on the legal advisory board of the Sarah Jane Brain Foundation. Mr. Toral is a member of the University of Florida Presidents Council.

Mr. Toral regularly speaks on the legal aspects of traumatic brain injury. Toral authored the handbook Brain Injury: Where do we go from here? that is designed to serve as a resource for individuals and their families whom have been impacted by a brain injury. Mr. Toral has also authored an op-ed article in the Miami Herald relating to traumatic brain injury and veterans returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan war. Mr. Toral has appeared on the television show Inside South Florida, Fox and the law firms’ cases have been profiled in local affiliates of ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox news.

Toral is the founder of the Toral Family Foundation. The mission of the Toral Family Foundation is to collaborate with the healthcare community to provide hope and improve the lives of all persons impacted by brain or spinal cord injury throughout Florida. The foundation recently established an endowed professorship in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) at the University Of Florida College Of Medicine. Additionally the foundation established a Traumatic Brain Injury Fund which was used to recently launch the University of Florida Center for Brain Injury Research and Education. Most recently, the foundation partnered with the University of Miami, Miami Project to Cure Paralysis and the Kids Neuroscience Project, to fund research to help improve the lives of children with brain and spinal cord injuries. Mr. Toral is also an ordained pastor and executive committee member of the 15,000 member Potential Church.