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Gregory J. O’Shanick, MD

Affiliation: The Center for Neurorehabilitation

Presentation title: NEUROPSYCHIATRY and TBI

Presentation time: Thursday, April 30, 9:15AM - 9:45AM

Presenter Biography: Gregory O'Shanick, M.D., is a former chairman of the board of directors of the BIAA. In May 2011, he was named Medical Director Emeritus for BIAA, after serving for 14 years as its inaugural National Medical Director. Over the past 30 years, he has treated more than 11,000 patients with brain injuries while serving on the faculties of four medical schools and in private practice. Since 1991, Dr. O'Shanick has been the President and Medical Director of the Center for Neurorehabilitation Services in Richmond, Va. He holds board certification in four medical subspecialties (Brain Injury Medicine, Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine and General Psychiatry) and has published three books, 12 academic textbook chapters and more than 70 peer-reviewed publications. He has presented at national and international medical conferences and has served as an advisor to numerous federal agencies including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Defense, National Institutes of Health and National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research.


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