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Cultural Shifting: Building Inclusive Communities for All


Al Condeluci


A key role for human service professions is to create opportunities for community participation and success for the folks they serve.  Yet, many vulnerable clients remain isolated or off-set from community and struggle with the social ramifications of poverty, unemployment, difficulty with housing and transportation.  It is clear that traditional methodologies have not brought many successes.  To this end, this interactive session will explore this challenge and examine ways and means to greater community success for the people we serve.  Clear strategies will be outlined and practiced as we explore a more macro perspective on the notion of community building.


  1. Participants will understand the historical development related to difference, disability, aging, poverty and other devaluing aspects.
  2. Participants will be introduced to the Interdependent/macro paradigm
  3. Major aspects of culture and community will be overviewed
  4. The importance of Social Capital will be explored