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Questions and Answers: Exhibitors for 2013

Q:  When can I set up my exhibit space? 
A: Wednesday, September 18th starting at 12noon cst. 

Q:  Where is the exhibit space? 
A:  It is Le Salle A on the third floor of the InteContinental Hotel New Orleans. 

Q:  How will I know which space is mine? 
A:  Each exhibit space will be labeled.  Additionally, the exhibit coordinator (Megan Bell) will be in the exhibit space on Wednesday, September 18th.

Q: What are the exhibit hours? 
A:  Exhibit space will be open on Thursday, September 19th (7am to 5pm and 6pm to 7:30pm), Friday, September 20th (7am to 5pm) and Saturday, September 21st (7am to 12noon).

Q:  Will I get a list of attendee names prior to the meeting? 
A:  It is not the policy of NABIS to give early registration lists to exhibitors.  There will be an attendee list within the conference bags.

Q:  Where do I pick up my exhibit bagde? 
A:  You will pick up your registration bagde in the Le Salle Prefunction area near the elevators on the third floor of the InterContinental Hotel. 

Q:  When will I be able to ship items for my exhibit booth or tabletop? 
A: You will not be able to send your materials to the hotel any earlier than the Thursday before the start of the meeting. There will be a charge per box for handling. If you send your shipment too early, the hotel may deny the shipment. 

Q: What do I do if I need electrical for my exhibit space? 
A:  Please contact Megan Bell at and she will get you the correct paperwork. 

Q:  Who do I contact if I have any additional questions involving exhibitng? 
A:  Contact Megan Bell at

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