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Questions and Answers: Registration for the 11th Annual Conference on Brain Injury

Q:  If I register for the Medical meeting (11th Annual Conference on Brain Injury) can I attend the Legal Meeting (26th Conference on Legal Issues in Brain Injury)? 
A:  Yes, you can attend. 

Q:  If I plan on attending both meetings, which meeting should I register for? 
A:  If you are seeking educational credit, you should register for the meeting you are seeking education credit in. 

Q:  To receive the Trainee Rate, what is required? 
A:  You have to be within the first 5 years from your appointment.

Q:  Is there an additional charge if I register on-site? 
A:  Yes, there is a $25 adminstrative fee that will be added to your registration fee. 

Q:  If I need a visa, who do I send the request to? 
A:  You should send the request to Monica Rodgers; her email address is .

Q:  If I have registration questions, who do I talk to? 
A: The main point of contact is Colleen LoGrande; her email address is . If she is not aviallable, anyone else at either office will be happy to help you.  The phone numbers are 703-960-6500 or 713-526-6900.