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Randall Benson, MD

Affiliation:  Detroit Medical Center, Wayne State University


Presentation Time:  Saturday, May 2, 8:30AM – 9:00AM

Presenter Biography: Randall R. Benson, M.D. is the only fellowship trained behavioral neurologist at DMC. He has been on the faculty at DMC and WSU since 2001 and is an active member of the teaching faculty, instructing medical students and residents in disorders of cognition and the use of neuroimaging in clinical practice and research.  Dr. Benson has spearheaded the use of new MRI techniques (e.g., DTI, SWI, PWI, MRSI, fMRI) to brain trauma which is often occult to clinical imaging. Dr. Benson and a large interdisciplinary team of clinicians and researchers (BLAST Consortium) are now fully engaged in studying both impact (NIH funded) and non-impact (blast) head injury, seeking to understand the biomechanical mechanisms, treatment and prevention of injuries.


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