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Harvey Jacobs, PhD

Harvey Jacobs, PhD, has a long history of serving people seeking opportunity who are challenged by disability.  Now in private practice, he has served on multiple medical school faculties, worked on-staff, in administrative roles and as a consultant to numerous programs and facilities.  His current interests include behavioral rehabilitation for neurological, psychiatric, medical and intellectual impairments; life care planning; rehabilitation outcomes research; vocational rehabilitation; family systems; staff training; and community integration.  Dr. Jacobs works with diverse ages, ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics.  He is the author of the newly published book: Understanding Everybody’s Behavior After Brain Injury: Don’t “Don’t!”TM as well as the previously well received Behavior Analysis Guidelines and Brain Injury Rehabilitation:  People, Principles, and Programs.  He has edited special issues for the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation and Brain Injury Professional.