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Women and Gender Differences in TBI

Title:  Women and Gender Differences in TBI


Angela Colantonio, MD
Elisabeth Sherwin, PhD
Tina Trudel, PhD

Session Objectives:

1. The presentation will highlight international efforts to promote awareness of the unique issues facing women with TBI
2. The presentation will examine gender differences in prognosis and recovery using data from large administrative and/or research data-bases (both domestic and international)
3. The presentation will premiere a new website that is to serve women with traumatic brain injury

Session Abstract:
Since the publication of the Brain Injury Professional issue that focused on women with TBI in 2006, there have been numerous efforts to identify the variables associated with TBI in women. These efforts included reanalyzing existing data bases, recruiting new data bases to be analyzed, and the establishment of a Canadian Girls/Women with ABI Task Force. The topic has been part of several conferences, national and international. This presentation will summarize recent accomplishments and discuss future endeavors. Participants will be encouraged to raise issues to be investigated and to join the listserve.